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  • Scranton Center Intern: Eunice Namkoong [2012]
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    My name is Eunice Namkoong and I am the new intern at Scranton Center in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, S. Korea. As a Korean-American I was born and 

    raised in the United States. I am from Atlanta, Georgia and I attend Columbia Theological Seminary where I am pursuing my Masters of Divinity degree. I received my Bachelor’s of Science from University of Tennessee where I majored in Communications-Advertising with a minor in Business.

    Prior to committing to a 7-month long internship I visited Korea three times for short visits and I was most concerned about the language barrier. 

    Coming to Korea knowing very little Korean, but wanting and determined 

    to learn I am extremely thankful to the Scranton staff who are patient with me- repeating certain phases and trying their very best to help me understand, learn, and grow.

    Along with my daily office responsibilities of maintaining communication networks, doing research, and teaching a bit of English, I am planning part of the Young Women’s Cultural Exchange program that takes place in the 

    summer. It is a full days work at the office, but it is such a pleasant environment to work in. I truly am thankful for this wonderful opportunity; 

    I look forward to working with the staff at Scranton Center.

    While I am an intern at SWLC I hope to learn more about my own Korean identity, about the Korean 

    culture, about Christian identity and faith among Korean natives, and to support Scranton Center in its 

    mission and purpose of empowering women as well as issues awareness.

    This is just the beginning of my journey. I will update you again at the end of my internship! 


    Joy & Blessings! 

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