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  • Our family has four mouth people. Father, mother, brother and me!

    Dad, is a real fishermen, illiterate. Sometimes like a little child love and we play; Sometimes like a devils, let a person is very inaccessible. My father and I had a memorable memory. Because the family of a variety of reasons, after the college entrance examination, my father has been looking for my conversation. Call me give up reading university, rural girl read high school will be enough. At that time I hate dad, for I don't know to cry a few back. Although there are a hate, but now I love my father, because I know the understanding.

    Mom, is a real rural women, illiterate. Mother for the family paid too much. Have never been out of the village to see the city. Pinch and scrape, just for my brother and I can better!

    Brother, I love my brother. Since the childhood, if someone bullied me or laugh at me, brother is always the first in for me. My brother and I was friendly feelings, eat, we always rob to eat, because it is delicious! But brother always let me. My brother is the world's most good brother!

    I, I is affected by family protection. Although our family is not rich; Although we a four mouth people lived in a modest single room; Although... . But I am in our house is a protected the little princess. I love the more common, but family, I love the home of all members!

    Thanks,father, mother and brother, I love you!

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  • scranton

    2012.08.27 08:49

    This was very touching, Fuyan. Thank you for sharing!
  • Fuyan

    2012.08.31 00:32

    Thank you Scranton.......Give me the opportunity  that learn to be grateful and learn to content..


    2012.08.30 08:17

    Haha, maybe we must thanks for all the things around us.
  • Fuyan

    2012.08.31 00:37

    Thank  you  MELODY  .......  

     Our Beijing is very beautiful, I've been yearning place, I have the opportunity, I will also go to!

  • Agrivina

    2012.09.03 23:21

    I dropped my tears when I read this. You are really blessed :)
  • Fuyan

    2012.09.05 23:33

    Thanks......Agrivina ,Wish our family the life is safe!

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